M.Deniro is a Miami-based Rapper/Entrepreneur who has produced several underground albums – leading him to his most latest single “I Like”.  Recently played on radio station Hot97 by producer Franky Fresh. Streaming a diverse sound between new wave and old school hip hop. He has dedicated 9 plus years to his upcoming launch of his rap career.



Age 27, born and raised in Miami, FL Deniro has been a hard worker since the age of 15. Working as a teen to provide for both his mother and sister, as the sole provider, he has experienced what hard work and accomplishments looks like. He has taken his occupation as a barber and profoundly devoted his life into proving superiority and top quality. Since the age of 15 he has demonstrated perseverance and dedication in his grind. His go-getter attitude has allowed him to be top rank and one of the most paid barbers at his shop.

This same energy and passion is what is to be expected, on a production level on his upcoming album “money never sleeps”. For which he has channeled great labor and hunger. M.Deniro has thus far had countless performances, including opening performances for Gucci Mane, Curren$y, Travis Porter, and Loyd banks to name a few. He has also performed in events like the Martin Luther King Parade, SXSW in Texas, the Adult Entertainment Expo and plenty of venues in the City of Miami. With plenty more to come…